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Who's Who


Rev Dr Louise Hearn
Senior Minister

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Erik Fauss
Worship & Evangelism


Ian Hearn

Mine is a life worth living… 

…but then so is yours. Everybody has a life worth living – its just a question of ‘did I live up to the opportunity?’

Born in a poor family in rural Africa, with candles for light and a fire for warmth its been a long and interesting journey to get to being a Reverend Doctor ministering in a Church in London UK. With ups and downs and successes and mistakes. Its a journey that has defined me and shaped me. But all the way through I have seen the Hand of God working in my life. My humble but beautiful beginnings left me with a great appreciation for what is importance in life. Vision, commitment and hard work, underpinned by a strong faith in God are at the core. 

Yes mine has been a life worth living and the diversity and significance of my experiences has equipped me to minister with compassion and write with passion.


A life lived well will have a foundation in God and a rudder of the Holy Spirit. I have a past filled with good and bad decisions, but every decision has been an important step and a learning opportunity.

Erik Fauss, I am the lay minister of worship and evangelism. I direct the worship team, manage the Solid Rock Cafe, Little Angels toddler group, Youth Night, Alpha ministry, and co-lead the Mens Fellowship. I studied music at a Christian liberal arts university in California called Westmont College, and completed my Masters at the Royal Academy of Music.


Having grown up with parents as missionaries and pastors, I am well acquainted with church ministry, and love working with people. I am engaged to Audrey Tambudzai, and we also form a band called The Salts and will be releasing our first track this year. I freelance viola professionally in London, performing regularly with Kings Chamber Orchestra and other ensembles.


I enjoy creating and collaborating with other artists, and I run a classical chamber music concert series called Hygge Sessions, which seeks to increase accessibility to classical music and engage communities through live music and discussion.


Other hobbies include football, cooking, and reading.

Ian, husband to Louise, I came to faith in my 30's when I saw my son miraculously healed when the medical profession gave him only months to live. I have a great interest in music and take an active part in the worship team and especially in music technology. This happens alongside fulfilling the treasurer's role. 

I grew up in the East End of London and always had a strong interest in how things work, which lead to a career in metallurgy and corrosion.  

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